Location: Love Studio at 195 W Wood Street, Troy, MO
Imagine your child's delight and magical glee when they find out that they received a personalized letter inviting them to meet Santa, to hep Santa make toys as he's very behind schedule, after all the hard work- share milk and his favorite cookies and see their name on his vintage scroll if they are on the good list!  The questions may begin from the very first moment they receive a letter from Santa inviting them to this very important event day reserved just for them. 
The children's 20 minute visit with Santa is overflowing with magical moments and one on one attention with the big man in red himself. They will check the nice list out of Santa's leather bound book, or better yet, on the vintage parchment scroll. Will the children find their names will be there?  As Christmas is getting closer, the children will also help Santa catch up on his toy making, as he may need help this year!!!
After the hard work of building toys, they will share a batch of warm classic chocolate chip cookies and a cold glass of milk as you know that's Santa's favorite Christmas Eve snack to receive!  As the jingle bells ring, as a special sound that only they can hear, it will be time for story time with Santa, the good old classic "T'was the Night Before Christmas" will be read and then Santa will share his travel plan on Santa's globe.
 Before the session is done, Santa will give each child a magical treasure that they will keep, while I create a magical storybook that they can read year after year as a new tradition to your Christmas Eve, where they are the star with Santa in an amazing keepsake story book offered only for the holidays! This storybook will be the new story read year after year, where the child/ren get to be a part of the story with Santa.
There are two options for the session fee (differences marked with an *) and includes the following: a special invite from Santa prior to session date mailed/delivered to your home, time with Santa in an one -on- one personalized visit, a look at the nice list, story time, milk and cookie, a special gift to take home, small print package or a keepsake ornament for the tree*, and a $75 credit towards products/purchases*. Up to 5 total family members (immediate family only). Extended family will require two session appointments.  Contact me for set pricing.
Additional products such as Christmas cards, ornaments, gifts with images, and the FEATURED STORYBOOK are sold at an additional fee.
Contact me at or by clicking the contact form below the images.
Thank you!
Thank you for your interest in my Santa Experience where your child can live the magic of Santa, sharing a story and a cookie with no lines, no chaos, and just special time to share their Christmas Wish list with the Big Man in Red.
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