Next Fairy Date in Troy, MO is May 4th
To book an appointment on the next Fairy Day, please contact me at: or call 314941.4865. 
Do you have a little girl that dreams of being 
a beautiful fairy? 
You can now make her dream come true!
I specialize in creating beautiful artwork of little girls visiting the enchanted woods as a beautiful little fairy or princess. Walking among the forest leaves, tip toeing around fallen logs, hearing the tree frogs, sitting on large mushrooms, and stopping by the little reflection pond with the lantern lighting the way!

Do you have a little boy that loves adventure? They will be able to visit the enchanted woods as a woodland character or even a knight in search of dragons and mystery. Holding a lantern and showing true bravery as he wanders the woods looking for mythical creatures and stone fortresses!
I provide all the wardrobe options, wings, and hair wreaths and you just provide the beautiful little girl or handsome little boy to photograph. The end result is an amazing magical experience for them and you to enjoy!
Schedule your custom “Enchanted Fairy Tale” portrait session by clicking the inquire button below, filling out the contact form, or call 314.941.4865 to ask questions or to make your appointment.
Step into a World of Enchantment: Experience the Magic
Your little girl is only little once. Join us for a magical fairy day experience. Our sessions are designed to capture the magic of childhood and are ideal for ages 4 to 10.
🧚a Fairy Day photo session… approximately 20 minutes is all it takes to create timeless & whimsical poses
🧚8x10 or 2-5x7 (same pose) deluxe portrait print with social media file
🧚We have all the props, wings, dresses*, crowns and floral headpieces for your little girl to enjoy
🧚Siblings or parents welcome to join in the fun
🧚ONLY $99 + applicable taxes introductory offer for January 13th!
Call the studio at 314.941.4865 or email me at
"Can I come back and do this again", this was so much fun, I loved the headpiece and the dress so much!" - M.L.
Woodland Enchanted Forest- also for Boys! Let them enjoy dressing up as a woodland elf, wizard apprentice, 
or a knight in shining armor!
After the session, she said "mom I truly felt I was a fairy. I was on cloud nine! This was the best! My favorite item to hold was the box with crystals and jewelry in it". Mom's comment, " I may have cried after getting home, her confidence went way up-she needed that"- Kylee W.
🧚 What is included in the session fee?
The Fairy Experience includes a 20-minute fully immersive portrait experience, wardrobe options for fairies, an 8x10 or (2)5x7 deluxe gift print with matching social media digital file, and one special fairy gift at the end of the session! All sessions are by appointment and can be booked by calling the studio at (314) 941-4865, completing the form at the end of this webpage, or emailing us at 

🧚Does the session fee need to be paid before the session date?
Yes, each session is required to be pre-paid and in advance to guarantee your spot and session date/time. The appointment will not be booked unless payment is received at the time of scheduling. This can be paid via credit card, Venmo, cash, or PayPal friends and family.

🧚 What age is this for?
Fairy Day sessions are ideally suited for 3 years to10 years of age, but no one is really too old to visit the forest and experience the magic of the enchanted forest. Please inquire for dress availability for girl's sizes 12+ or for woman's sizes. Limited outfits available for boys and women and may not always be available. You can bring your own outt if desired. When you book your session, you will receive a follow up email with more instructions on preparing for your child’s fairy portrait experience, as well as an appointment confirmation and reminder of your appointment date and time. 

🧚 What is the process for this? How do these appointments work?
The process starts with an inquiry or email to me and then a call to schedule your appointment. The day before, you will need to read the email of instructions on how to best prep for your little one's session. The day of the appointment, you arrive about 5-10 minutes before your scheduled session for your little one to decide on their outfit, headpiece and/or accessories for the boys. The moment you walk in the door, you are greeted with smiles, fairy lights twinkling on the walls and the sounds of fairytale music in the distance that begins your journey to the whimsical enchanted forest.  There is even a fairy that lives among the studio and her lit up home of petals and leaves are a welcoming site. Mom or Dad will then change the little one into their handcrafted fairy gown/outfit, fit the headpiece, and the photographer and/or the assistant will help place the wings before the session begins. 
From the moment, the child steps onto the set, they will be full of smiles and giggles, as we go through the journey together of walking through the enchanted forest, sitting by the reflection pond, finding all the unique and beautiful butterflies, frogs, and even the baby sleeping dragon! The session takes about 20 minutes with guided posing, the right lighting, and a humorous photographer. We kindly ask that parents allow the photographer to guide the child throughout the session (no repeating instruction, no re-directions, or "do this" discussions as we find this will yield the best results, while also allowing the parent to truly enjoy the experience with their child. After the session is complete, the child will change, and the viewing/ordering appointment will be scheduled.

🧚As soon as your scheduled session is over, we will also schedule a viewing/ordering appointment. This appointment is usually held within the first week after the Fairy experience takes place. If this is a traveling Fairy Day event, the viewing session will be scheduled and performed a day after the session takes place or virtually via a Zoom call if absolutely needed. 
To receive your complimentary deluxe gift print, you must attend the viewing appointment. No online galleries will be provided. Please note that the "magic" will only be added to those images selected at the appointment for your order and will be created after the appointment is complete. The presentation will initially include all images that are already color corrected and one with the magic as an example of what will be done to any and all others you would like to order product or prints from. Yes, you can most definitely order more as I offer a range of packages and product offerings, all top heirloom quality and meant to last a lifetime. 

🧚 Can I have two kids in the same images?
Yes! We love siblings and having them all enjoy the experience together. We can have them play alone for individual images and together to showcase their sibling bond. Three total siblings can fit on our fairytale set at one time. ​

🧚 What products do you offer, and how much can I expect to spend?
We offer exclusive fine artwork portrait prints, frames, albums, and more.   All portrait orders include a social media "web-sized" social media file that match the product or keepsake purchased. Prices vary based on the product itself. Products start at $150.  Please note that the social media file is only for your phone, computer, and social media sharing, it is not given to use to make prints at a retail location. Additional reprints can be purchased through me. People can spend a hundred to several hundreds based on what they want to purchase.

🧚 What products do you offer, and how much can I expect to spend?
We’re very good with children and make this a positive and magical experience for all (small treats and a small gift are also included, but with permission from the parents in attendance, of course). ​​​​​​​
We have special packages available for purchase that is given as an option for ordering day only. We never use underhanded selling tactics or high pressure ever. Buy only what you want or stick with the session and print. Your choice. If other items are wanted, I can help pick the right amount of images for that product and provide flexibility with payments, depending on total of your order*.
A 50% deposit is required at the time of order to process your order. The remaining balance must be paid in order to receive/pick up your final product purchase.

Becoming a Fairy or Woodland Elf- We Provide all the Props, Outfits and the Magic!​​​​​​​
Your little girl or boy will love transforming into a fairy, elf, or knight and bringing their imagination to life in this whimsical and fairytale photo experience from the moment they walk into the studio.
I have a selection of magical fairy dresses and headpieces in various colors and sizes to select from and that's just the beginning of the excitement for her. For him, I have hoods, cloaks, woodland costumes, knightly armor, and swords!
Master photographer with 10+ years of experience working with children all ages, including unique, special needs children.
Receive a complimentary special enchanted forest gift for the child/ren to take home as a keepsake of their amazing experience.
Contact me to learn more, book your appointment, or inquire about the next Fairy Day Event. 
Thank you for your inquiry! I will contact you back soon to address any questions you may have or to schedule you at an upcoming Fairy Day Event.
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